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December 2018 brought us a promising joint opportunity and future as real estate agents for our wonderful community of Lake San Marcos as Your Dynamic Duo. Being local real estate agents and friends has so many positive aspects to it. We both love what we do for a living and ultimately we love people! Real Estate is a people business, and nothing exceeds the moment when we share our clients personal stories, goals and dreams.



If we made a list of what we love most about our lives as real estate agents, it would look like this:


Our love of people, stories and friendship -

Our job allows us to meet new people, who otherwise we would not have known. Each of them has interesting stories that captivate us, and as the work relationship progresses, in most cases, the work relationship turns into a lasting friendship.


Every day is something new -

Sure, there are regular tasks and lots of paperwork, but each day brings a different dynamic. New people, new properties, new obstacles and goals. No two days are the same … and we love this!


We never stop learning -

We love learning, our work provides a whirlwind of new knowledge: market trends, new technologies, social networks, marketing, other agents, and the unique and unexpected things that come out in each client transaction.


We have the opportunity to do good -

We are very aware of the stress associated with moving; We understand, and can proactively help our clients with the stress and burden associated with the process. And that makes us feel good!


We love turning houses into homes -

Real estate, interior design and remodeling has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We love warm, simple and beautiful home design, the kind that transforms a house into a home. There is no place like home, especially one that is located here in our gorgeous community of Lake San Marcos.

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